5 tips for using your Spanish skills in a bar

5 tips for using your Spanish skills in a bar

If you’ve gained some confidence in your Spanish-speaking skills, you’re probably eager to start speaking the language out in public.


A great way to do this – and to continue practicing – is by going to a bar and striking up some conversation. Particularly at a bar with native Spanish speakers (think Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican, and of course, Spain), you’ll find people who are eager to help you progress with your Spanish-speaking ability. They will be willing to be patient with you if you’re a bit slow, and they will help you with vocabulary and proper pronunciation.


Beyond asking for the bathroom (¿dónde está el baño?) and ordering a round of tequila shots (me gustaría una ronda de chupitos de tequila), here are a few ways you can use your skills to strike up some conversation:


Talk about school or work. Ask about where someone works or goes to school, what they do, or what they are studying. This is an easy way to get people talking and to make sure that both sides have things to say, because the person you’re talking with will be equally interested in your career or studies.


Ask for recommendations of where else to go. If you’re visiting a Spanish-speaking location (there are 21 Spanish-speaking countries), ask about the area’s history, claims to fame, landmarks, and other places of note that you could visit. This is also a great way to find out about non-touristy places you can experience. This will create even greater opportunities for you to use your Spanish skills!


Order the food and drinks. Instead of letting everyone order their own food and beverages, find out what everyone wants and do the ordering for them. Ask for extra napkins or other items that are required at your table. You could even consider ordering a drink for someone attractive you see from across the bar – that could start a conversation, and who knows where that could lead…?


Try flirting. Whether to start a conversation or to continue it (and move it in a different direction), you can try flirting. Tell someone how nice they look, that you like their eyes, or even ask them to dance. Maybe order a round of mojitos to sweeten things up a bit.


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The best way to learn Spanish is to speak it, and how better to speak it than with native speakers of the language? Want to practice or improve your Spanish skills before you hit the bar scene? Let one of our tutors help you polish up your skills.

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