Spell it out online activity

spell out in Spanish

Do you want to speak Spanish? Do you want to learn it for free while having fun? Can you spell your name in Spanish? In this post, you can learn the Spanish alphabet. Then, you can practice with our online activity. The Spanish Alphabet The first thing you have to know is the advantadge of … Read more

Online activity: masculine and femenine nouns

Did you know that nouns in Spanish have to be masculine or femenine? Some of them can be both, and other nouns just need to change its ending to change from masculine to femenine. In English, the most of nouns and every adjective aren’t masculine nor femenine, so words can’t change. But, in Spanish, every … Read more

Online activity: months of the year

Months are quite similar in English and Spanish: may-mayo; june-junio; october-octubre… Nevertheless, others are totaly different, like january-enero. If you have any doubt about it, here you have this online activity related to months of the year in Spanish. Months in Spanish In this online activity, you will see a calenar with months in English. … Read more

Learn the animals vocabulary with this online activity

How well do you know the names of animals in Spanish? Some animal names in Spanish are quite similar to English ones, like lion-león or elephant-elefante. However, others are completely different, like dog-perro or snake-serpiente. As everybody knows, learning animal vocabulary in Spanish with games is easier and funnier than doing it with a list of names. … Read more